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Does Your Existing Website Need a Fresh, Modern Look?
Does your current website look outdated? Is the content old or stale? Has your website designer abandoned you? If so, my website redesign plan is your perfect solution. I will evaluate your current website and suggest improvements. Then we'll overhaul and redesign your current site so you have a new, fresh site that exemplifies the best of you and your company.
As a website designer, I will build a site to meet your goals and your budget. I have worked with a broad range of individuals and businesses to improve their web presence. I'd love to talk to you about redesigning your website and don't worry, I'll make the process of moving your site from your current hosting and designer simple.

Your first impression!
Why is a professional looking website important? Because first impressions count. Visitors to your website will make a judgment about you or your business in less than 15 seconds. In that short interval of time, they'll decide whether you're someone with whom they'd like to do business. Your website needs to look professional so you can capitalize on that first impression and convert visitors into repeat customers. Making a good first impression is critical to your attracting new customers. I will do that for you!

When is it time to redesign your company’s website?
If your website has been online for at least 12 months, you may find yourself wondering how often should I redesign my website and is now the time? There are a number of items that should be considered when determining the right time to redesign a website.  Some things will vary from industry to industry but here are a few that should be long reaching.

Does your site conform to existing company branding?
Your company’s website should reflect the corporation’s current identity and brand. If the company has adopted a new identity or is pursuing a renewed branding approach it is critical the website run in parallel with these changes. Failing to bring the website up to date can increase the number of lost visitors to the site on account of being confused if it is the right website or not. If this is the case – it is time for an immediate website redesign.

How does your site match up to your competitors?
In a competitive marketplace a website must be redesigned more frequently to capture and hold customers attention and build loyalty. This can mean that redesigning your site may need to happen every 12 months or more often. In markets that are not as competitive, the gap between website redesigns can be stretched to up to 24 – 36 months. With these longer gaps one must be conscious of other changes taking place with technology and search engines as mentioned above. A partial website redesign (restructuring the backend without drastically changing the appearance) may be appropriate in these cases to stay competitive online.

Is your site tagged and optimized for Search Engine Optimization?
To remain competitive, search engines are constantly ‘tweaking’ the algorithms that serve as their backbones. These modifications will impact where your site appears in the search engine results. To maintain a high position in the natural listings, you need to stay current with these changes and make changes to your site related to the algorithm changes. If your website has not been analyzed and optimized within the past 12 months, you may be missing opportunities due to lower search engine results listing – meaning fewer visitors to your site.

Options for your
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  • Logo Design
  • Flash Slide Shows
  • Online Contact Forms
  • Event Calendars
  • Interactive Maps
  • Photo Galleries
  • Your Social Media Links
  • and more...

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Want to sell for DyeNet? I will give $100 minimum for each referral to a business that buys a website from DyeNet! - or - If you are a current website customer, I will give you a free webpage or $100 to add on to your existing website with DyeNet.

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We just would like to thank you again for all you do for us and the patience you have with us!! With the curvy brat bun thing we get tons of feedback on our website and we get glowing reviews on how nice it is.... due to you!!

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It works and is exactly what we were looking for! You went the extra mile and took the initiative to find our product logos, pictures and design and recommend the layout to us. All of this with little direction from us, really shows the pride you take in your work. This website gives our customers, present and future, a look at who we are and how our customers can benefit from our "one stop shopping" philosophy.
Thank you, DyeNet Enterprises for a great job!
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